Crete Kennels - The Dog Hotel

Have not posted up-dates for some months, simply due to the number of new dogs in. Since June, there have been more than 50 new dogs with more coming.

The ex-pats have been reluctant to travel up until now but new customers have meant I have been full and will be until the end of April.

There have been many enquiries for the rest of 2022 but, due to actions by my ex-partner, I will be CLOSING on
30th April 2022.

It was hoped that some-one with a love of dogs and a rural life would take over this wonderful place but, with over 5000 hits to the site , no-one has been suitable to carry on the high standards and reputation of Crete Kennels.

My thanks to all the dogs for making my life so interesting and fun.



[Translate to English:] Cuddle area

Finished (at last) ...

the new seating area ...

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A young puppy

A young puppy, Snoopy has been rescued ...

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I could not refuse

Although very late in booking, I could not refuse this boy, ...

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Short & long term boarding care of your dogs
- min. stay: 4 nights

Limited to 10 kennels for our personal attention

Over 7000 sq meters of
exercise / play areas

Wet weather:
Exercise & play area

Full security for your pets:
fences and no poisonous plants

Kennels against heat and cold protective

Owner on site and available at all times

Go for a walk and playing 4 times a day
- never with other dogs -

Just in case:
Local vets on call

Personal diets & needs catered for

Inspection visits welcome by appointment

Opening Hours: 08.30 - 09.30 11.30 - 13.30 16.00 - 17.30

You find us here